Hygge Your Home this Winter

Hygge Your Home this Winter

Hygge in the Home

Hygge: The latest Danish export in 'Scandi Style' that is all over bookshops at the moment. Originating from 'Hue-ugh' the Norweigan word for well-being, it is an intrinsic part of Nordic culture, that has captured the hearts of Irish designers. Think lots of natural materials like wood and leather, and lots of layered textures: fabrics, throws, woollen rugs, faux fur and knitted cushions. Open-plan spaces will be divided into zones, with an emphasis on cosy corners and communal spaces for relaxation. Marie Tourell Søderberg's beautiful, authentic guide will show you that hygge is truly all around you, if you know where to look. From home interiors to cooking, hygge touches every aspect of life. 

Marie's book will teach you how to say hygge, how to find hygge, and how to create hygge. It will help you to appreciate just how important these moments are, and why in our busy modern lives it's more vital than ever to switch off and make time for home comforts. As Scandinavia is regularly reported as being one of the happier corners of the world, we at Kilkenny Design have taken notes, on what constitiutes hygge and how to achieve it.

Candllelight Cosy 

Make like the danes with atmospheric lighting to 'create soothing pools of light'. Candles are always aglow in Danish homes the moment the sun goes down, especially in the winter.Danes burn more candles per person than anyone else in the world, and one is never enough. With so many coveted candles in store like Bog Standard, Max Benjamin,  and Rathbournes, you won't need to choose. Natural daylight and candlelight are fantastic affordable ways to light a home.

Ceramic Centerpieces 

The curved spout on a teapot, the simple pleasure of a warm mug after a cold commute -us Irish rival the Danes in turrning everyday ceramics into little treasures, Castlearch Pottery's spots and dots collection and Arran Street East's ‘The Pots’ range will those simple pleasures even more special.

At the Table

Fill your home with friends and family and get together around the fireplace. A simple wooden Bunbury board  topped with fresh brown bread, cheeses, scrummy preserves, butter, a glass of wine = The perfect winter spread.

Feather the Nest

Hygge is a cozy pulling together but also a state of mind where Danes just know the weather is bleak but they still make the best of it.  Our Mc Nutts, Foxford & Studio Donegal throws are perfect for hunkering down with a hot chocolate and a good book. 

The hygge revolution is showing no signs of letting up. Good food, good friends, celebrating the season thats in it - what's not to love? You can play around with the combinations until you find your own hygge setting for every occasion: crisp mornings, rainy afternoons, winter evenings. Shop online to create your own sense of Hygge today, or ask instore about all products featured in this post.